Softbait fishing 

Targetfish; zander, perch and pike. With quality gear and pro guide you will be able to get great experiences and fresh food, if wanted.

Pike fishing

Fishing pike is interesting and challenging. Pike can be reached from very different places along the year. Pro guide knows where pikes are and is able to find active fish for his clients.

Ice fishing

The ice fishing season begins in winter when the open water freezes. if you’re a novice to the sport — or even an experienced seasonal fisherman who’s curious about getting outside when everyone else is hibernating — i´ll show you some basic items you’ll need to help make sure your time in the deep freeze is productive and fun.


What VMB fishing?

I am Ville-Matti Blomqvist, fishing guide and owner of VMB Fishing.
I arrange guided fishing trips for 1-16 persons, at sea and lake destinations, in Meri-Teijo, Kokkila, Särkisalo, Bromarv, Kemiö, Tammisaari and Lohja areas.


Get your guided fishing trip in beautiful archipelago or at lakes!

By combining your hopes and my skills we can make unforgettable fishing trip for you.
Start point of the fishing trip is flexible, we suggest the best option considering your accommodation.


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